About The Trust

The Trust is a new, not-for-profit, operationally-independent organisation that has been established by the Council following the statutory direction of the Secretary of State as a company limited by guarantee for the purposes of delivering children’s social care services in Sandwell. The Trust is wholly owned by the Council and is a “Teckal” compliant company (for the purposes of the public procurement rules).  The Council intends to enter into a ten-year contract with the Trust for the delivery of children’s social care services.  Building on recent improvement, the Sandwell Children’s Trust will first put in place the necessary improvements in children’s social care to reverse the fragility and weakness still apparent in service delivery.  The Trust will then drive a sustainable model of delivery and improvement designed to bring good and outstanding services to the Borough – innovating where possible and using the freedoms of the Trust approach to develop a new and sharper focus to the difficult issues the community faces.

The Sandwell Children’s Trust will consist of three Executive Directors and six Non-Executive Directors comprising the following:

  • A Chair (a non-executive director appointed by the Secretary of State for Education);
  • Three executive directors the Sandwell Children’s Trust executive management team (including its Chief Executive);
  • Three non-executive directors with collective knowledge and expertise across children’s services, public services, business development and other relevant areas plus appropriate local knowledge and sensitivity; and
  • Two other non-executive directors (e.g. members and/or officers) appointed by the Council.

The Board operates at a strategic level and is the responsible body for the performance, achievement and overall direction of the Sandwell Children’s Trust. The role will provide opportunities to spearhead new and innovative ways of delivering public services as well as contribute to national ‘thinking’ by working with the Department and Ministers on a strategic level.

The Chair of the Trust has now been recruited and we are delighted that the Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith will be joining us to lead the Trust.

Jacqui has be joined by Frances Craven as Chief Executive, Linda Sanders, Stephen Rimmer and Vineeta Manchanda as Independent Non-Executive Directors together with the Council Non-Executive Directors, Councillor Paul Sandars and Director of Prevention and Protection, Stuart Lackenby. Tara Malik has been appointed as Director of Strategy and Transformation.

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