About the Trust

We believe the voice of the child should be at the centre of all we do.

We support our social workers to undertake creative methods of intervention to ensure the voice of the child is at the centre of service development. Vulnerable children and families have a voice and their views will impact on how the service is shaped.

Our staff are supported by an accountable and a professional management team. They are encouraged to work creatively, within the statutory framework.

We offer highly skilled, competent social workers who are equipped with the skills they need to develop their professional practice. We support, grow and develop our staff, and ensure they are involved in the development of services.

We offer the following range of targeted and social care services

  • Edge of care services
  • Targeted family support
  • Statutory assessments and care planning
  • Services for children in care
  • Horizons [Child Exploitation Service]
  • Fostering [run as an Independent Fostering Agency]
  • Voluntary Adoption Agency [VAA] in partnership with the Regional Adoption Agency [RAA]
  • Services for young people leaving care
  • Youth Offending Service

The Trust is wholly owned by the Council and is a “Teckal” compliant company (for the purposes of the public procurement rules).  The Trust is driving a sustainable model of delivery and improvement designed to bring good and outstanding services to the Borough – innovating where possible and using the freedoms of the Trust approach to develop a new and sharper focus to the difficult issues the community faces.

The Board

  • Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, Chair
  • Linda Sanders, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Stephen Rimmer, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Vineeta Manchanda, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Neil Cox, Council Non-Executive Director
  • Cllr Peter Allen, Council Non-Executive Director
  • Frances Craven, Chief Executive and Company Director (retiring early 2021)
  • Steven Gauntley, Director of Quality & Performance and Company Director
  • Tara Malik, Director of Resources and Company Secretary
  • Pauline Turner, Director of Operations and Company Director

Short biographies of the Board can be found here : https://www.sandwellchildrenstrust.org/about-us/who-we-are/

The Board operates at a strategic level and is the responsible body for the performance, achievement and overall direction of the Sandwell Children’s Trust.