The Role

Creating capacity in the system for future excellence

Strategic Lead – Commissioning
Salary: £64,699-£73,946

Sandwell Children’s Trust delivers children’s social care and targeted services to support children, young people and families in Sandwell. From its launch in 2018, the organisation has made significant progress resulting in a better and safer environment for our children and young people.

Recently the Trust has been focusing on a number of areas, one of which being our ethos and guiding principles. This has involved the whole workforce with some powerful messages being shared about what is driving us in our roles. We want this to shape the future and how we work with families; so, your interest in joining us has come at an important time as we continue to move together at pace to create a new story.

There is a need to enhance the strategic commissioning programme delivery and innovation within the Trust and just as importantly delivery capacity particularly in the area of reshaping care provision. Whilst an embryonic sufficiency strategy exists it is clear the work could be developed further and is seen as a wider leadership priority.  The goal is to move both to a more sophisticated approach to understanding demand for care and a more assertive approach to managing and reshaping the care market than exists currently. 

With the work we have done so far and with the ambitions we have for the future, it’s a really exciting time to join Sandwell Children’s Trust and to become part of our ‘Sandwell Family’!